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N7 Crusader and N7 Eagle, made for Mark Meer

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As a general rule, if it's involved somewhere in cosplay, we can probably make it for you. But to help you get a feel of our rates, how we work, and what to expect along the course of your project, here are some general guidelines:

  • Prop Weapons and Items
  • Armor
  • Fabric Costumes
  • Plushes
  • Under-armor
  • Clothing Accessories

Prop Weapons and Items

Our most popular request by far usually goes something like: "Can you build me an X from Game A?" And the answer is almost 100% of the time, absolutely.

For a rough guideline, I charge $250 for a pistol from a given game, $450 for a rifle, and $800 or so for anything larger. Of course prices will vary heavily based on the size of the weapon or item desired, the level of detail required to pull it off, and in some cases also may require specialized materials or techniques.

When you place an order with us, your commission is placed in an overall queue that runs through each of our convention seasons. Because of the climate where we live and our lack of a paint room, we can only finish props about 4 months out of the year. This doesn't mean you can't buy from us, it simply means your commission may be stuck in weather limbo while we wait for the warmth of summer to properly finish it.

Most of the time I do not sell kits for props, you simply pay for the finished item. This can be changed, however, if you really want the unfinished raw build.

With rare exception all my props are built using EVA foam with a layering technique I've put together, along with many other techniques from many other builders. I create my own blueprints for each project from reference materials I find, ideally, in game modelwork. The biggest advantages of EVA inlcude:

  • Extremely light - Most long gun props don't weigh more than 3 pounds, with batteries installed.
  • High Durability - I've seen EVA props bashed, dropped, smacked, and toppled without any noticable damage whatsoever.
  • Cost effective - The foam tiles are low-cost and easily sourced, and money I save on materials is money you save on the project.

During the summer months, a prop weapon can take up to two weeks to complete, or longer if there is a queue ahead of you. It's a first-come first-served system, meaning the earlier you place your order, the earlier you'll get it in the mail. All props for customers in the United States are shipped in crates, which can be returned for a refund of a small deposit. International shipping is done via very sturdy boxes, with the item itself wrapped up in a plastic bag to assure no water gets to it. All shipping is done via FedEx, we get very good rates and have never had an issue with them damaging anything.


Walking around any convention in a suit of armor makes you feel ten feet tall. But maybe you don't have the space or skills? Let us know.

Armor is the most complex commissioned item we regularly do; it takes many weeks to fabricate a full set, and since the majority of our clients are much too far away for a fitting, it has to be done entirely on measurements taken by the client. For this reason we have to have a strict policy in place; the armor is built to the specifications of the client, and any issues with the item not fitting are solely the clients responsibility.

Aside from that, I'm fairly flexible. Generally I do 2 suits of armor at most per season, to allow me time to work on my own projects. A full suit without a helmet will probably run you close to $2,000, with price varying widely depending on the complexity of the armor and the timespan alotted for the work to be done. Undersuits are also available at additional cost.

Ready to order?

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Thank you for your interest!

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