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Wendy, Jay and Courtney are a family that enjoy working together making props, armor and anything else they find interesting.
Courtney started costuming back in 2010 and her first convention was Anime Next, in New Jersey. She was instantly hooked into making costumes and props. Her parents were pulled into it soon after.

Cosplay4UsAll (or C4UA) is a family of cosplayers. Courtney is the main cosplayer, model and idea person; Wendy has dusted off her sewing machine and her and Courtney do all the sewing and most of the armor making. Jay (aka Prop Dad) helps Courtney make the props, manages the power tools and handles the photography work at the conventions.

WM Armory

wm_armoryAll of the drafting, building, and painting that goes into WM Prop costumes is a one-man project. Currently, the main focus of his work is video game replicas. He specializes in EVA foam and electronics, but he also is currently building and expanding onto bigger and better materials.

This page serves as a portfolio for his work, a step-by-step look into his costume progress, as well as a commission page.

Groups We Sponsor

N7 Elite Costuming Group

We are a group of Costumers who Cosplay Characters from Mass Effect. Our Group is here to share resources, Post our Builds and get advice on costuming. We have members that are Professionals, seasoned Cosplayers and those just starting out. We meet at Conventions and events for meet ups and photo opportunities.


“Don’t make a girl a promise…”

Founded a few years ago by Grace, this group collects and archives the best of the best Cortana related artwork to be found on DeviantArt. Though it may not be the biggest or most popular, it sticks to it’s goals.

Like to become an affiliate?

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Commission Status


Seeking new work, props, costumes, and armor. Contact Us to get your estimate today!

Upcoming Events

Gen Con 2015
July 30th - August 2nd
Indianapolis, IN
Dragon*Con 2015
September 4th - September 7th
Atlanta, GA